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EJ Services provides a variety of residential/commercial carpet cleaning and more. 

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Servicing North Dakota

A clean environment is a happy environment

Ej Services is located in Dickinson, North Dakota. Which makes it ideal for providing service to western North Dakota. Not only are we local, but we stand by our services to provide the best possible cleaning. 

Our carpet cleaning service features a state-of-the-art van-mounted carpet cleaning system. This system is a modern marvel with its ability to clean deep and restore surfaces to like-new condition. 

Where we serve

Serving the western North Dakota

We don’t mind traveling! We are proud to offer our professional cleaning and carpet cleaning to all of western North Dakota.

Our services

A better choice for cleaning

Since EJ Services specializes in such a wide variety of cleaning services. It makes us an ideal choice for all of your cleaning needs.

What you need to know about our work process

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Ensuring cleaning and hygiene standards

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